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The goal of Transforming Menopause is to provide a “paradigm shift” to change how women experience menopause, and to help provide the support needed to do so. Our aim is to provide new knowledge and a new model for health, well-being, and self-healing before, during, and after menopause.

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Provided is a link for you to view the Preface of her book, and a direct link to purchase her book on Amazon.com. This book is the first of its kind devoted entirely to the topic of menopausal arthritis. The quintessential message of this book is that menopausal arthritis is more than just osteoarthritis brought on by menopause, and that osteoarthritis is more than just a wear and tear disease of aging.

In this book, Ms. Rickel-Wong reveals that there are many non-arthritis conditions that can mimic arthritis, and that indeed can feel just like knee osteoarthritis. Moreover, and very importantly, osteoarthritis (and menopausal arthritis), exist in a highly metabolic milieu characterized by inflammation. Leptin is more than just an energy regulator; it is highly associated with osteoarthritis! This groundbreaking book provides a natural healing plan that includes unique and highly effective exercises for menopausal arthritis and summarizes vital, beneficial foods, herbs and supplements to help prevent and alleviate arthritis symptoms. You will be able to use a very effective exercise plan that requires no floor exercises, mats, bands, weights, or other equipment. Ms. Rickel-Wong has developed this menopausal arthritis healing plan based upon the findings from over 400 research studies (all of which have been included with full references for the reader to further explore). This is a long-awaited book that is destined to greatly help many menopausal women.

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