Transforming Menopause, Inc. was formed by Phyllis Rickel-Wong and her associates to provide new knowledge and a cutting-edge model for health and well-being before, during, and after menopause.

The goal of Transforming Menopause is to provide a “paradigm shift” to change how women experience menopause. Instead of being resigned to “managing” “coping” or “adjusting” to menopause, Ms. Rickel-Wong has extended a new vision of health and well-being during this major time in a woman’s life.

Transforming Menopause is dedicated to seeking out the most current research, programs, and practices on issues relating to menopause. We then present current findings to others in a personalized and systematic manner to facilitate and guide change and transformation. We serve individuals, health and mental health agencies, educational organizations, business, and advocacy groups. Ms. Rickel-Wong specializes in developing actionable plans to use these research findings for personal choice and organizational directions. Associates within our organization have provided consultations and survey work for many Fortune 500 companies. The topics that our consultants at Transforming Menopause address include:

Workplace Issues:

  • Women and Diversity in the Workplace throughout the Lifespan
  • From Advancing in the Organization to Maximizing Your Organizational Position and Identity
  • Ageism in the Workplace: A Major Challenge for Baby-Boomers
  • Navigating Age Stereotypes and Changing Stubborn Perceptions
  • Leaving the Organizational Glass Ceilings Behind: Becoming an Entrepreneur
  • Career Changes: From Corporate Attorney to Musical Artist, the Freedom to be Who You Are Across Time

Health Issues:

  • Menopausal Arthritis
  • The Metabolic Syndrome and Menopause
  • Weight Loss in Menopause
  • Beyond Strength Training: Building Optimal Functioning
  • The Muscle-Tendon-Bone Unit: The Critical Connection for Physical Health in Menopause
  • Maintaining and Enhancing Cognitive Health

Psychological Issues and Psychosocial Issues:

  • Mental Health & Menopause
  • Self-Concept & Body Image
  • Mind/Body and Mind/Body/Spirit Dimensions of Menopause
  • Growing Your Relationships
  • Looking Backwards to Obtain Ego Integrity Going Forward

Actionable plans that we have put into place include:

  • Health Care Alternatives
  • Creating More Inclusive Cultures
  • Adding Evidence-Based Practices to College and other Academic Training Programs
  • Providing Comprehensive Information on Employee Bases for Human Resources Policy
  • Career and Professional Strategies for Advancement within the Organization