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“Flying Up the Stairs! What You Need to Know About Menopausal Arthritis to Break Free” is the first book in Ms. Rickel-Wong’s planned series of books on physical and psychological health and wellness in menopause. Her second book, on the topic of anxiety and mood disorders in menopause, is due to be released in Summer 2019.

About “Flying Up the Stairs! What You Need to Know About Menopausal Arthritis to Break Free!”:

This is the first book of its kind devoted entirely to the topic of menopausal arthritis! From the early research in the 1920’s to the latest cutting-edge findings, this book is a must-read for anyone concerned about arthritis during menopause. In “Flying Up the Stairs! What You Need to Know About Menopausal Arthritis to Break Free,” you will find very important and perhaps surprising scientific research findings. Menopausal arthritis is in large part a metabolic disorder! There is a vital link between the hormone leptin and osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is more than just a disease of “wear and tear” due to aging.

Moreover, there are many soft tissue disorders more common in women than men that cause knee pain that is often mistaken for osteoarthritis pain. If it is not recognized as such, women may think that they need to undergo invasive procedures such as corticosteroid injections or even total knee replacement surgery when these will not address the real source of the pain.

In this natural healing plan for menopausal arthritis we will address some of the root causes of menopausal arthritis such as inflammation and poor muscle functioning.

  • Discover scientific evidence-based foods, herbs and supplements that are effective in fighting arthritis, and topical applications that can reinforce the inflammation-fighting foods, herbs and supplements
  • Benefit from a unique and effective exercise program that can strengthen your body’s whole, kinetic muscle chains to provide healing and support for your joints.
  • Enjoy exercises that require no props such as uncomfortable bands, and no floor exercises that are uncomfortable for many women with arthritis.
  • Discover manual manipulation therapies such as orthopedic massage that can remarkably heal persistent knee pain in many cases.

Moreover, for many women, weight loss may be an option for reducing higher leptin levels. For many women, though, weight loss at this time can seem nearly impossible. That is why there is also a chapter devoted to scientific evidence-backed tips for weight loss in menopause.

If you are a perimenopausal, menopausal or postmenopausal woman burdened with joint pain that has accompanied menopause, then this book is written for you. It is about getting your enjoyment in movement back and healing from menopausal arthritis!

About the Author

Phyllis Rickel-Wong is a researcher and writer in the fields of health, medicine, and psychology. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Michigan and her Master of Arts Degree in Psychology from San Francisco State University.

Ms. Rickel-Wong has a long-standing interest in alternative and complementary medicine and, more recently, integrative medicine. She resides in the Detroit Metropolitan Area, and is the Director of Transforming Menopause, Inc. Writing and research is Ms. Rickel-Wong’s passion and ongoing vocation. She reviews and synthesizes research findings in innovative ways that can transform how we approach and live menopause!

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